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We are located in the middle of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Indian Reservation at Mayetta
Kansas.  We have been raising dairy goats since 1990.  We bought our first grade Nubian
doe to produce milk to supplement a foal.  The foal survived and the goat grew on us so we
decided to keep her.  Of course you can't have just one goat.  We purchased another doe
and a buck and our herd began.  

In 1996 we purchased our first registered stock and began raising Purebred Nubians.  In
1998 we purchased a Purebred LaMancha doe for extra milk and found the breed to be
more consistent in milk production and have a more docile temperament.  We purchased a
buck and began raising LaManchas.  We now raise mostly LaManchas.  

We attended our first ADGA show in 1999 and we were hooked.  That changed our focus a
bit from not only milk production but also show confirmation.  We have strived to maintain
production while improving confirmation.   In 2005 we finished our first home bred buck and
won Premier Breeder at the Iowa State fair with our LaManchas.  We only attended/hosted
our show here in Kansas the past several years due to work and two new additions to our
  I have been making cheese and enjoying our family and farm life.  

Over the past few years we have changed directions a bit with our breeding program and
hope to be back in the show ring soon.  We have also added a few Boers.    

We were on continuous DHIR Standard Test until 2006
and hope to resume soon.  We feed
top quality alfalfa hay and our own dairy mix.  We feed free choice minerals and salt.  We
worm our animals at least twice a year and rotate wormers.   Our kids are raised on a CAE
prevention program separate from the adult goats.  They are separated from the does at
birth and are fed heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.  We also feed a coccidiostat
in their milk and start them on medicated grain as soon as possible.  

Watch for updates to our page.

Bill, Barbara, Cheyenne & Dakota Hittle
Our Little Helper
Hittle Acres Dairy Goats